family care: easy cleaning with water

family care, the exclusive "stain protection" cover.


Who doesn’t know this - in no time at all, a mark made at home is a stain on your beloved upholstered furniture. Even the most difficult stains, such as jam, coffee or tea, can be easily removed.


Immediately remove the dirt with a dry cloth. To remove stains, please use a clean, soft, white cotton cloth and moisten it with distilled water.

Carefully remove the stain with the cotton cloth in circular movements. After successful cleaning, the stain disappears from the surface of the cover.

Upholstery fabric Family Care

✓ Fabric with a smooth surface.

✓ Every single thread is covered with stain protection.

✓ Suitable for everyday use and easy to care for.


Available in other colours from your specialist dealer.

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The family care-TECHNOLOGY

The family care fabrics are finished in a special process.

This prevents the stains from penetrating the fabric fibres.

Any dirt on top combines with the water.

The stain can then be removed with a clean cloth.