Candy Sleep - the company

For a quarter of a century, the 3C Group has lived its passion for furniture with its brands "Candy", "Carina" and "Contract". Now "Candy" has had offspring: ”Candy Sleep”. The expertise for individual upholstered furniture in the sleeping area is consistently implemented here. The focus of the line, which not only appeals to the young clientele, is upholstered beds and sofa beds.


Multifunctional all-rounders: Sofa beds

The Candy Sleep sofa beds enable stylish home decor even in a small space: Whether you use it yourself as a bed replacement or for surprise guests - the sofa bed is ready for the night in just a few simple steps. During the day, it leads a stylish existence as the heart of the living room - at night it transforms into a comfortable (guest) bed. Even if more space is needed for chilling, lounging, watching Netflix, games or the slumber party than the normal sofa offers, the sofa bed is there. The versatile all-rounders therefore fit in with any living style - with covers made of fabrics or leather from the current collection.


Clear design and maximum comfort: Upholstered beds

Like our sofa beds, we also manufacture the Candy Sleep upholstered beds in our own production facility. 25 years of know-how and quality are combined here with an awareness of sustainability - and contemporary design. Our upholstered beds are comfortable and cosy oases of calm whose names such as "Homelike" are to be understood as an omen: There is plenty of space here to feel good in (almost) all situations. The headboards are not only absolute eye-catchers - they also give a feeling of security and protection when sleeping. Recovery comes almost by itself.

Awards such as the "Golden M" and the "Emissions Label" from the German Furniture Association, which are awarded according to the strictest criteria, guarantee the quality of Candy Sleep furniture.

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